Drilled Down Stats for Denver’s Top 25 Luxury Home Neighborhoods

Drilled Down Stats for Denver’s Top 25 Luxury Home Neighborhoods

After I sent out my 3Q Marketing Report I received several requests for more detailed stats per neighborhood, especially some of the luxury home neighborhoods.  Our office has put together exactly that — an analysis of the key indicators for each of the top 25 luxury home neighborhoods in the Denver metro area.  For each neighborhood we give you some charts on the sales prices, volume, days on market, etc.
Here is the link to the report:

>>>Top 25 Luxury Home Stats <<<

What do we mean by “Top 25?
There are many luxury homes that might not be located in one of these Top 25
.  When we pull the top 25 the ranking has nothing to do with the “best” luxury home areas or most exclusive luxury home areas.  Our top 25 is derived from neighborhoods with the highest percentage of luxury home sales in a given time period.  So, the top 25 may not include neighborhoods where there is more diversity of price points.  A good example of this is Park Hill.  There are many luxury homes sold in the area as well as many lower priced homes.   As a matter of fact, I have two such listings in Park Hill, one I have listed above $700,000 @ 2515 Ash and the other is listed below $450,000 @ 2301 Forest.

If you need  detailed analysis for your home, or of an area to which you’re planning to move, give me a call and I’ll provide you all of the information you need to make an intelligent decision.



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