Getting the Band Back Together Feels Right!

Getting the Band Back Together Feels Right!

Several months ago I was approached with the idea of helping to launch a new title company.  Let me put this into context by rewinding a few years:  I launched Vista Title Company back in 2002, grew it to be a successful company over the succeeding 7 years and then sold it to another independent title company in Denver.  When I sold Vista, most of the Vista employees, including me, began working for the acquiring entity.   Unfortunately, within a few months of the acquisition, most of those other employees were gone.  As is the case with many mergers and acquisitions, management of an acquiring company often see things differently and have separate priorities with respect to the old staff.  This was extremely disappointing for me, as I always believed the value to Vista Title, the true asset I was selling, was the people, not the customer base.   Vista’s true asset was the core staff who served our customer base.  The Vista team had worked with me for a very long time because each individual possessed an absolute passion for customer service.

OK, now fast forward to a few months ago  when I was approached to launch the new title company.  I have to admit that I was extremely excited to build another title company from scratch, especially with the tremendous respect I have for my business partners, Lon Welsh and Charles Roberts.   A big attraction to starting from scratch was the idea of taking what I learned from Vista and making it better.  If you’ve ever started a business for the second time around you know what I’m talking about.  All those “we should have dones” can now be implemented from the beginning.

We’ve been operating now for just over two months and business is better than expected.  What I’m excited about most, however, is our staff.  As soon as I formed the company I took a long shot and reached out to the key employees with whom I had worked at Vista.  These individuals were gainfully employed elsewhere, but I couldn’t help but imagine how special it would be to make them a part of this new company.  Well, long story short, I got lucky and three former Vista employees have joined us —  Cyndi Tunstead, Shannon Callis, and Cindy Lopez.  It’s hard to express how grateful I am for the participation of each of these individuals.  They’re not only committed to the cause, but each individual has that special entrepreneurial spirit to create a company that will grow.   Much more than employees — these folks actually enjoy providing great service because they have a vision for the future.

Vista Title Gang, thanks for joining me for another gig!   Having the band back together feels right!

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7900 E. Union Ave, Suite 1100
Denver, CO 80237

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  1. Jim Doolittle /

    Congrats, Greg. I’m happy for you and the rest of the band.

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