I Want to Buy Your Soccer Field!

I Want to Buy Your Soccer Field!

One of the drawbacks of selling real estate is the constant exposure to homes that you would love to own yourself.  It’s like being a kid in a candy store.  You can’t always have what you see.  Just ask Erin.  Every time I return from a day of showings I’ll bring her a dozen new “musts” for our next house.  Some of the new ideas come from the properties themselves, but most come from the buyers.  I work with a lot of buyers who are looking to substantially remodel a home to live in themselves, or to resell as a flip.

Today, I decided to share some of my dream home ideas. If any of the readers have this property, I want to buy it!  Now, I’m being fairly realistic with this list. This is not my “just won the lottery” dream list, because that might just involve no home at all. If we win the lottery we’ll probably be residing at various Ritz Carlton hotels around the world for a year or two.

Here’s the short list:

Soccer Field. We have to have enough space to have a soccer field that is at least 40X60 yards. Of course we also need an accompanying out-building and a patio.  After all, we’ll need a place to store the soccer gear (i.e., beer fridge), and I’ll need a patio for relaxing with that beer and watching the action on the field — or the grass growing. Oh, we can’t have any neighbors real close. With my soccer skills I think we would find too many balls ending up in a neighbor’s yard.

Frenchie Farm. Three years ago we brought home our newest addition to the family, our french bulldog, Moose.  Erin is convinced that she wants a “frenchie farm” to raise more of these dogs, so we’re going to need a lot of space.

Pool. Our daughter Grace informs us she’s not moving anywhere unless the new home has a pool. Oh, and it has to be long enough for swimming laps.

Remotely Close. What I mean by “remotely close” is a home that is close to the city, but also quite private. I don’t want to live in the sticks, but I also don’t want my neighbors to be so close that they know I just walked from my study and into the kitchen to get a glass of water.  After all, we’re going to have all those dogs and flying soccer balls so we can’t have anyone too close.

Four Walls & a Roof. If we can meet the prior requirements we’ll figure out the living space.  It would be helpful to have a structure that has at least 4 bedrooms, but we would be good modifying about anything. That’s the fun part!

Got my house?

Greg Parham

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