It’s Not Too Late to Invest in Dog-to-English Translator Device

It’s Not Too Late to Invest in Dog-to-English Translator Device

If you’ve got a little extra money laying around at year end, you might want to throw it at “No More Woof,”  a start-up created by the Nordic Society of Invention and Discovery.  The group is developing a headset that your dog can wear to translate dog thoughts into English.  No More Woof describes the product as “perhaps the coolest product on the planet.”  Now that’s pretty cool, right?

No More Woof is quick to explain that the product is only in preliminary stages and they need more money for product development.  Currently, the prototype translates three dog thoughts: “I’m Tired,” “I’m Excited,” and possibly “I’m Hungry.”  The No More Woof team also believes the “clearly intense brain activity when a dog sees a new face” may translate into “Who are you?”

No More Woof has a MUST SEE money raising video about the product.  My favorite part of the video is when a gentleman explains the headset and then says “well, let me show you.”  He then calls his dog over.  Just as it looks like he’s going to put the headset on his dog the video jumps to a scene of another team member looking very scientific as she scribbles on her sketch pad with a sharpie.   Check out the promo video at the bottom of this post.

You might laugh at the video, but No More Woof is laughing all the way to the bank.  According to their website this morning they’ve raised over $14,000.  It’s the same group that brought us the Fly Lamp — an LED light attached to a helium balloon that’s shaped like a giant lightbulb.  Preorder your dog translator today:

I asked our company spokesperson, Moose, for his feedback on the product. Here’s what Moose had to say:

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