3rd Quarter 2013 Showing Traffic

Below is a comparison annual showing traffic for the past few years.  2013 marks the 2nd year that showing traffic has outperformed the previous year.  As home prices go up, the inventory will start to increase and we will see showing traffic returning to more historical levels.

Screen Shot 2013-10-07 at 6.26.58 AM















We also analyze showing traffic per price range.  This data tells us a lot  more about the buyer demand at different price levels.   The chart below shows strong showing traffic through the Summer, and then tapering off, especially in the high end homes, as we approach the school year.  This is normal seasonality.  You will also notice the showings numbers slightly lower than 3rd Quarter 2012 at the higher end.  This is due to the much lower inventory in 3rd Quarter 2012 as compared to this year.