Upcoming Real Estate Classes

Upcoming Real Estate Classes

I’ve just released my class schedule for January & February.  Topics range from creating an income property portfolio to handling purchases when a property is in probate.  Here’s the complete list.

If you’re interested in a class you can RSVP through my eventbrite page at www.gregparham.eventbrite.com

Classes are always free, I just ask that you RSVP so that I know how many are coming.

Building a Rental Property Portfolio While Keeping Your Day Job

Date: January 16, 2014 | Time: 10am to Noon

This presentation is designed for individuals interested in creating rental portfolios to support their particular investment objectives. We’ll cover the following:

  1. The current real estate market for income properties. In addition to vacancy rates we will discuss the current real estate market for condos, apartment buildings, and single family rentals.
  2. Analyzing rates of return. We will discuss how to determine cap rates and rates of return for different types of investment properties so that you can determine how many properties, and what property types, you need in your portfolio to support investment objectives.
  3. Finding and evaluating properties. We will show you tools to find properties and how to analyze and compare property pricing so that you can make intelligent offers.

How to Find, Analyze, Fund and Sell Your Fix & Flip or Buy & Hold Property
Date: January 23, 2014 | Time: 10am to Noon

We’ve designed this class to answer the most critical questions of real estate investors:

  1. How do I find deals?
  2. How do I know a good deal from a bad deal?
  3. How do I estimate the costs of renovation?
  4. How do I finance a short term flip or long term rental property?
  5. How can I sell my flip and market my company at the same time?

Leases, Evictions & Security Deposits: A Legal Primer for Landlords
Date: January 30, 2014 | Time: 10am to Noon

Do you want to be a Landlord? This class provides new and existing real estate investors with a legal overview of residential leasing, with particular emphasis on how to avoid lease disputes.

Wait a Minute, One of These Sellers is Deceased…Now What?
Date: February 06, 2014 | Time: 10am to Noon

This class examines the process of selling or buying real estate owned by an estate.  We will review the probate process and related issues where real estate is owned by an estate or trust.  We will also review the special requirements and additional documents involved for the closing process.

Contract Assignments and Other Methods of “Wholesaling” Real Estate
Date: February 20, 2014 |Time: 10am to Noon

This class will walk through the nuts and bolts of assigning contracts, substituting parties and substituting earnest money. We will also discuss various other methods of wholesaling real estate.

Selling with Owner Carry, Rent to Own and Other Seller Finance Methods
Date: February 27, 2014 | Time: 10am to Noon

Selling with seller finance can involve a myriad of structures, from a straight owner carry loan, to wrap deeds of trust, contract for deed, and lease options. This class will break down several types of seller finance transactions from start to finish. Come learn the pitfalls and benefits of different seller finance structures.

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