Wanted: Sound Eliminating Headphones for a Dog…Or Drugs to Temporarily Paralyze Him

Wanted:  Sound Eliminating Headphones for a Dog…Or Drugs to Temporarily Paralyze Him

Too many thunderstorms this Summer!  For our labrador and french bull dog, the storms are no big deal, just more yawning and napping.  The poodle, Blue, is an entirely different story.  He’s driven mad by thunderstorms and it’s gotten much worse with his advanced age.

A few weeks ago we arrived home after some thunderstorms to discover that this dog had tried to wedge himself behind sink and toilet in our powder bath.  He managed to chew through the water supply lines for both (Yes, the braided steel water supply on the toilet and the copper line serving the sink!).  The bathroom and the rooms in the finished basement were of course flooded and he greeted us at the door soaked to the bone.  Just a few nights prior to this the same wonderful dog had wedged himself behind the washer and dryer — thankfully only destroying the exhaust duct and not the gas supply line.  I want someone to explain to me why it’s comforting for a dog to completely wedge himself behind major fixtures and appliances.  What happened to just crawling under the bed?

So, we’ve tried everything with this dog.  Doggie valium, different kennels, the list goes on.  He managed to completely destroy and escape from the steel mesh kennel, and he bashed the door open on one of those big plastic kennels with the wire mesh door.  Erin got a prescription for doggie valium from the vet and despite huge doses, Blue still gets completely freaked out with storms.  He just becomes more stupid, not less anxious.  I think Erin and I would be better off taking the valium!

For days I spent every waking moment brainstorming how to keep this dog safe and secure during a storm so that we did not have to be with him every moment.  I was the guy at Home Depot just staring at the different fence systems for hours trying to work out in my brain what type of “safe room” I could build in our basement for this dog.  I actually considered a cinder block room with steel hatch.

If anyone has any bright ideas out there I would love to hear them.  For now I’ve figured out that if I secure his kennel door with 6 heavy duty zip ties he can’t seem to escape.  My fall back position is to make a call to a doggie hit man.  I know a guy who knows a guy.

By the way, this dog was Erin’s idea, not mine….

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