We’re Bringing Back THE Golden Sponge Cake!

We’re Bringing Back THE Golden Sponge Cake!

The critical business decision for any title company is the “Closing Snack.”  When you bring together buyers and sellers for a closing, the most important thing to do is make sure they are fed.  Years ago title companies starting baking fresh cookies for closings. As an owner of a title company this was a major problem for me because I always ate all of the frozen cookie dough for lunch.  Plus that whole baking thing is a real pain in the rear.  For our new title venture, cookies were out.

Some other ideas that we considered and vetoed:  soup (what happens if they spill); trail mix (too many allergies); milk (gross); popcorn (buttery fingerprints all over documents); waffles (OK I’m still fighting for this one for morning closings); brownies (these snacks have a bad reputation now that Colorado legalized MJ.  We want buyers and sellers to sign their documents and leave, not sit around and play video games all afternoon); fresh vegetables (too boring); watermelon (too many seeds).

After some lengthy deliberation, our team at First Alliance Title finally decided on the Closing Snack.  We needed something delicious, yet “old school” to fit our theme of providing old school quality service.  We also needed something that would provide an instant kick to keep those buyers and sellers alert and signing away to get through the closing.

What better snack to fit the bill than the classic Hostess Twinkie.  Yes, it’s still around and it’s still delicious.  Hostess makes them a bit smaller now but I prefer that because I can now stuff nearly an entire Twinkie in my mouth and have it devoured in a matter of seconds.  MMMMM!!

The Twinkie is still made with delicious stuff that has no relation to nature.  Can you really go wrong with a snack that contains the big 4 of glucose, sugar, corn syrup, and high fructose corn syrup (because regular corn syrup is not good enough).  Theses things are yummy!

Come by the First Alliance office and kick it back old school with some Hostess goodness!


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