Zillow Market Health Index Ranks Denver Top 5

Zillow Market Health Index Ranks Denver Top 5

Zillow has created a new market gauge called “Zillow Market Health Index.”   According to Zillow, the index is a summary of several measures, like home value rebounds (or continued declines), the time homes stay on the market, and the financial health of homeowners.  All of these different measures are then compiled into a summary index that allows you to compare different states, cities, metro areas, zip codes and counties.   The index scale is 0 to 10.

So, how is Denver’s Market.  We’re ranked 5th in the nation of the 30 largest metro areas.  Our Market Health Index is 8.10.

Want more specific information about a particular area?  Zillow has a really slick interactive page where you can drill down to specific zip codes and look at different measurements, like “Homes Rebounding and Market Recovery” or “Days on Market & Appreciation.”

Below is an example of the graph for Homes Rebounding and Market Recovery.  I entered my zip code (80123) and the graph shows the stats for just that zip.  You can also see the scatter plot to compare different cities or zip codes against one another.

Screen Shot 2013-12-23 at 8.41.11 AM

If you’re into market stats you need to check out this tool.   Here is the Zillow page:  http://www.zillow.com/blog/research/2013/12/13/zillow-market-health-index/



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  1. Glad to see the growth that the Denver Real Estate market had in 2013. Alot of the cities that reside in the western part of the U.S have had a pretty good year. Hopefully it starts to trickle throughout the whole country. 2014!

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